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For Beauty BOSSES ✦ Beauty BRANDS ✦ Beauty BABES

Welcome to the perfect blend of where beauty and branding meet.


Whether you're a Beauty Boss seeking a brand revamp, a Beauty Brand aiming to engage with a passionate audience, or a Beauty Babe eager to enhance your makeup skills - I've got you!

Hey, I'm Keke, a...

Graphic Designer,
LIVE Show Host,
& Pro MUA.

Since 2020 I've been blending my passions into a unique career that empowers entrepreneurs, businesses, and enthusiasts alike.


Whether it's offering graphic design services to beauty bosses, creating a live show experience for beauty brands, or guiding beauty babes on their makeup journey - I'm your girl to help you elevate so you can show up more beautifully and confidently!

let's begin to beautify...

Which one are you?

Woman with Freckles

Beauty BOSS

Beautify Your Beauty Business

As a Beauty Boss, your brand aesthetic matters. I'll create captivating graphics that truly reflect your brand's essence and attract your ideal clients.

Beauty Products

Beauty BRAND

Boost Your Brand Engagement

As a Beauty Brand, your audience is your asset. Let's host an immersive live show to connect, captivate, and convert your audience into loyal fans.

Blushing Smile

Beauty BABE

Elevate Your Makeup Skills

As a Beauty Babe, your makeup journey is your masterpiece. Let's take you from beginner to pro with realistic, easy-to-follow makeup tutorials.

Beauty Types


Sound familiar?...

graphic designer

 - premium designer (5K+)

- template shop (passive)

- design coaching ($500 p/h)

- design course ($297)

LIVE Show host

- curated live show on supergreat ($385)

- UCG videos / content creation +$

- branded assets +$
- template shop (passive)


- BRIDES ONLY (starts at $150+)

- Masterclass Course (Full Glam)

Da Socials: 

Digital Diary - IG


Don't Mind Me - TikTok

Client Request (6)_edited.png
Client Request (6)_edited.png

Designs created with you in mind and reasonable turnaround times.

Sis - just end the search on Upwork already...

that's where I come in

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