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The Next Cohort Begins Soon!

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Attract the Men you Want

and the Love You Desire

For high-achieving women of faith ready to design a love life dripping with love, joy, freedom, and high-quality men.

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  This is your Invitation to:   

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A 12-Week Journey designed to transform you into a woman who creates a fun, fruitful, forward-moving love life that serves her deeply at the highest level.

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You are Here to Be
Loved and BE Love

When most people think of “love” they think of something they can give or get from someone. 
Love is much more than that
as a Child of God… it’s who you ARE. 

How can you settle for not having the love you desire when you were designed FROM love and WITH love?

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What If I Told You That...

You can be Well-Educated,
Well-Paid AND Well-LOVED.

There is a HUGE opportunity for you to meet, attract and date high-quality men who will provide, protect and pursue you for the romantic partnership you desire?

You can learn to attract high-quality men anywhere and everywhere you go (no matter your zip code, age, weight, or skin color)

Dating is a spiritual practice designed to get you closer to God, closer to YOU, and closer to your desires.

Choosing YOU first leads to you having plenty of quality options in men to choose from. 

You can date with intention AND have lots of fun doing it. 

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